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Agitated at the faultline, still agree to disagree.

I have had quite the weekend so far. Miss Kristyn came with me to New Hampshire for my cousin's birthday. Seriously, who knew hanging out with 10 year old kids could be so freaking hilarious. Oh the times.

"Want to see the meanest teacher in my whole school?"

hah. ♥

Ride home was fun, Kristyn and I took naps, even though her shoulder was jabbing into my ear and my forehead kept knocking off of her temple. Ouch. That was so a kodak moment. Damn.

Bought a camper, woot !! I absolutely love it, means lots of camping this summer, which equals love. Kristyn and I have a lot of plans for this summer, it's so going to be a blast, I`m pumped. Be jealous, be very jealous.

I really don't know if it'd make it all better but I let myself go and put it in a letter to you.
Cause I know I've been stupid and don't have a reason but I`m trying not to ruin the one thing I believe in ;; you.
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