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faith is running low;; i need a miracle now.

Last night was a blast, tonight was a blast. Hung out with Kristyn, Ben, and Mark♥ last night. Had a super fun night as always. Tonight I went to the movie's with my mom, Mark's mom, and Mark's sister. That was also fun too. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, right?

I guess it's all too true. Having a rough night I guess, just a little (okay a lot) upset. I just don't like when people talk, and I don't like to hear about it, or talk about it, or anything about it. But whatever.

I guess I just wanted to update because I didn't like my last one, and I wanted this one to replace, but I`m not sure I like this one any better. =\ Oh well. I`m bored, this will help take my mind off things, maybe, maybe not.

and from here on out when that certain day of that certain month comes
it will continue to break my heart
but i'll still count it as if we're together
because in my heart, we will be together, always.
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