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Best friends means best friends forever.

Vacation is going pretty sweet so far :) Kristyn and Mark came over last night, we played some Trivial Pursuit 2, DVD Edition. But Mark had to leave before we finished. Kristyn spent the night, left this morning.

I have a game today at the ACC, great, I guess. Kayla's coming over after !! Yay, I`m so glad we're finally gonna hang out. *

Mi padre is in Florida, and it's his birthday today. I`m pretty jealous, although he's just down there to take care of his friend. Still !

&&&& I`m still scared. I hate when people leave, and I`m trying really hard not to live in the past, or think too much about how the future is going to SUCK for me, and try to live in the moment, and just be happy, which I am. I just know how hard it's gonna be in the end. *siiighs*

The lessons you unknowingly taught me

Are engraved deep within my thoughts

The things i’ll never forget

Are the very things you’ll never remember
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